10 Strains to Start The Weekend off Right

The work week has finally come to an end, that has many of us heading off to the dispensary to stock up on essentials for the weekend. Here is our list for this week for some great strains to try this weekend.

Bear Dance from Revolution Cannabis

1. Bear Dance

Bear Dance is an even hybrid that leans slightly toward the sativa end of its genetics. Bear Dance is a cross between Pure Kush X Uzbekistan Hash Plant X Snow Cap. Many describe the high for bear dance to be uplifting and stress relieving. Bear dance can also be euphoric and give its users fits of uncontrollable laughter. Bear Dance is covered in bright orange hairs, and has an extremely earthy yet sugary sweet aroma with strong notes of citrus. Bear dance has moderately high THC content, testing above 23%. While it was created by 303 seeds, there are many cultivars that exist including revolution cannabis.

2. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a strain that was created by crossing Pineapple Trainwreck with Cookie Monster. It is known for its extremely robust pineapple and sour smell and flavor. It is so sweet, it definitely tastes like its name. While Pineapple upside down cake is a sativa dominant strain, it is still evenly calming as it is euphoric and uplifting. This strain is perfect all day and into the evening as the high settles into waves of relaxation. without ever feeling couch lock. Pineapple Upside Down cake normally has THC testing around 18-20%. The combination of the unique flavor and enjoyable experience make this a favorite among both recreational and medicinal patients.

3. GSC aka Girl Scout Cookies

GSC, better known as the strain Girl Scout Cookies, is an indica dominant hybrid. This is a perfect weekend weed. GSC is a legend among strains, being used as a parent to many notable strains. It was created by crossing OG Kush with Durban Poison. Great for lazy afternoons or watching movies, this is a great weed when you don't have much to do. Girl Scout Cookies has an extremely relaxing and euphoric body and head high. It is a very sweet strain, with notes of cookies, cakes, citrus and mints. This strain is known for its powerful high that produces some powerful munchies so you better be prepared for snacks. GSC is known for its high THC content regularly testing above 19%.

4. Dream Walker

Dream Walker is a sativa dominant strain that is a cross between Blue Dream and Skywalker OG. This weekend legend is great to get you up and going. It has extremely sativa heavy effects. Dream Walker is energetic and uplifting and light. Like its blue dream parent, it is known to foster an extremely creative high, so it is favored by artists and musicians. It is a fantastic day time weed, but this is not a strain you will want to smoke at night as it is so energetic. Dream Walker is known for its piney aroma with notes of berry. Dream Walker is extremely easy to smoke as it feels so light.

5. L'Orange

Another Sativa legendary strain that will get you up and out of the house on a Saturday morning is L'Orange. L'Orange is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is the result of a cross between Oregon Lemon and Orange Crush. These genetics gives L'Orange a powerful orange flavor and strong high. It is known to be energizing and uplifting. That makes it a great strain if you are looking to get things done. This wake and bake superstar has tested its THC above 30%. It has a robust flavor with strong notes of earthy orange citrus and cheese.

6.. Black Afghan

Black Afghan is an Indica dominant strain that is the result of a cross between Black Domina and Afghani #1. Black Afghan is a powerful strain that is known to have THC above 30%. It is known for its sweet, peppery and earthy flavor. It has an extremely relaxing high that will not give you couch lock. That makes it great to wind down after work on a Friday, or watch a movie with friends on a weekend night.

7. Nilla Wafer

Nilla Wafer is a hybrid strain that was created by Cannarado Genetics. It was created by crossing the legendary Wedding Cake with Sundae Driver. The strain Nilla Wafer has a high that can best be described as euphoric, or calm and blissful. This high makes it great for just about any weekend activity. Its traces its lineage to the GSC family of strains, which is part of why Nilla Wafer is so highly sought after. Its extremely sedative and it's calming effects can be great for stress. Nilla Wafer is known for its fruity, creamy and vanilla flavor with notes of sour grapes. Many report that its flavor tastes vaguely of the Nilla Wafer cookies, for which it was named after.

8. Mother Of Grapes

Mother of Grapes is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing Grape Stomper OG with Mother of Berries. Mother of Grapes is best enjoyed at the end of an evening, or on a day when you don't have anything important to do. It is known for its relaxing body high and calming head high. It is great for anxiety and stress. Mother of Grapes has a fruity, spicy and piney flavor. It is known for its very high THC content, regularly testing above 20%.

9. Mendo Cookies

Mendo Cookies, also known as Mendocino Cookies, is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with Mendo Purps. Mendo Cookies was created by the Oregon Microgrowers Guild. It is known for its energetic, often giggly high. It can be great for getting the creative juices flowing, making it a favorite among artists and musicians. It has a fruity, spicy and piney aroma and flavor, with heavy notes of cheese. It has a moderately high THC content, regularly testing above 18%. Its powerful euphoric and happy buzz is wonderful for novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts. It is also known for its powerful munchies.

10. Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver, of course Sundae driver makes the list of best weekend weeds. This strain is also known as Sunday Driver, is an evenly balanced hybrid cross between FPOG (Fruity Pebbles OG) and Grape Pie. It is known for its happy, blissful and uplifting high. That can make it great for stress and anxiety. Sundae Driver is perfect for a weekend adventure for its uplifting and relaxing effects. Sundae Driver was created by Cannarado Genetics in Colorado. It usually has THC around 15% which can make it great for novices and the more experienced.

Where to find Strains?

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