Cannabis Diamonds: An Overview of this Popular Concentrate Subcategory

THC Diamonds

Cannabis "diamonds" explained: what makes this popular type of concentrate different and how is it made?

The cannabis industry is filled with terms that can be confusing and misleading. You may have heard the term "diamond" before, but what does it actually mean? What makes this type of concentrate different from other concentrates?

Here's everything you need to know about cannabis diamonds: what they are, how they're made, and why they're so popular!

Cannabis diamonds are a high-end, high-quality concentrate

Diamonds are created through a process that utilizes very low temperatures and high pressure during the extraction process. The result is a pure crystallized form of cannabis, as opposed to other forms such as shatter or wax which can have some impurities remaining within. A diamond's purity makes it more stable than other concentrates, meaning there is less chance of losing potency or effectiveness with use.

Diamonds are usually created by taking flower material and passing it through an ice-water extraction method before filtering out any plant matter in the resulting liquid extract solution. This liquid solution then goes under some additional processing steps (which vary depending on who makes them) before being poured into molds made of rock salt crystals at extremely low temperatures (-50 degrees Celsius). As the material freezes inside these molds, its shape becomes aligned with those crystals around it — creating beautiful little diamonds!

Diamonds tend to be more expensive than other concentrates, but they're worth it because of their quality.

To make these gems, experts first take the cannabis plant and run it through a specialized extraction machine. The machine heats up the cannabis and uses pressure to separate all of its cannabinoids from the rest of its compounds. Next, residual oils from this process are filtered out and placed into another chamber where they'll be infused with CO2 gas for about six hours before being filtered again. The final product is then vacuum-sealed into containers so that no air can get in or out; this slows down oxidization so that your diamonds stay fresh for longer than most other concentrates would survive without refrigeration.

Where to find Cannabis Diamonds?

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Diamonds are one of the most popular types of cannabis concentrates on the market today. They’re made by freezing watery plant matter (a process called winterization) and then purging it with CO2 until only cannabinoids remain. Because they contain so few impurities, diamonds are considered one of the cleanest forms of extraction available today!

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