The Rise of Cannabis Beverages

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The rise of cannabis beverages: a closer look at this new and exciting emerging category

The cannabis industry has seen an explosion of new products. In addition to flower, concentrates, and edibles, there's a whole world of cannabis beverages that are now available for purchase. The idea behind these beverages is that they offer consumers more discreet ways to consume their weed, which makes them perfect for on-the-go situations or those who want to avoid smoking altogether.

The history of cannabis beverages

The history of cannabis beverages is a long one, and it stretches across many cultures. The first written record of drinking tea as a beverage dates back to 2737 BC in China, where people are believed to have used hemp seeds as food for over 10,000 years before that. This makes it clear that humans have been infusing cannabis into their beverages for millennia.

In fact, European traders were reportedly mixing cannabis with beer and other drinks while trading with Native Americans hundreds of years ago. There’s no doubt that alcohol has always been the most popular option for getting high with your beverage choice, but there are also plenty of historical examples of people using cannabis-infused drinks instead: In fact, back in the 1800s when marijuana was legal in some places (and still illegal in others), pharmacies would sell medicinal “medicinal tinctures” made from alcohol infused with hemp leaves.

Cannabis beverages are a new and exciting category in the cannabis industry

Cannabis beverages are a new and exciting category in the cannabis industry. They're a great way to consume cannabis, especially if you're not into smoking or vaping. Cannabis beverages are also an excellent way to introduce new people to cannabis—especially if they don't want to smoke or vape, but still want to experience some of the benefits of consuming cannabinoids.

Cannabis beverages are socially acceptable ways for adults to enjoy their favorite herb without having to worry about anyone judging them for their choice of consumption method.

Where to find Weed Beverages?

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The cannabis beverage market is poised to explode and as more companies enter the space, we’re likely to see some major developments in the next few years. With so much potential for growth, it seems like only a matter of time before these products become mainstream—but will they ever replace alcohol? Only time will tell!

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