Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie Strain Description

Cherry pie is an indica dominant hybrid that was the result of crossing Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. Cherry Pie has a tight, compact bud structure that is typical of an indica strain. With THC content that ranges between 16-26% THC, it's no wonder why cherry pie is a favorite among medicinal patients and recreational stoners alike. This strain is also some times referred to as Cherry Kush or Cherry Pie Kush.

Aroma and Taste for Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry pie has a tart, yet sweet fruity aroma with strong notes of cherry. You can pick up complex aromas of pine, berries and earth. This is due to a blend of terpenes like myrcene, The flavor is delicious, with the flavor of cherry and spices being most prominent.

Cherry Pie Strain Effects

At first hit cherry pie sends waves of relaxation and euphoria through your mind and body. This is balanced by a feeling of focus and creativity. You can feel an immediate uplift in mood, feeling happier as time passes. All the stresses of the day melt away quickly with cherry pie and are replaced with a feeling of happiness. Many report feeling strong fits of laughter and the giggles. Most people report feeling a flood of creative thoughts and an ability to focus on completing all sorts of tasks. Cherry Pie does not make you feel too spacey which is great if you have a lot of tasks to do. You can feel the feeling of relaxation deepen as time passes, bringing on a nice feeling of euphoria and clear-headed physical relaxation.

Cherry Pie can be great for anxiety and is extremely mentally uplifting.  This strain is also helpful in managing chronic pain or stress, without making you feel sedated. It is a great pick for any time of day as its effects do not usually make people sleepy. It is also a good choice for a social occasion or just chilling at home listening to music.