Does Weed Help With Hangovers?

Does cannabis help with hangovers?

If you're like me, then you've suffered from a nasty hangover at least once in your life. I'm talking about the day after a hard night of drinking when your head is pounding, you're dehydrated and nauseous, and all you want to do is sleep it off as fast as possible.

If you want to cure your hangover with cannabis, there are plenty of strains that will help. However, before we get started on this list let's take a look at what actually makes cannabis such an effective treatment option in this case.

Are there certain cannabis strains or products that help with hangovers?

Should you be in need of a little help getting through your hangover, it's best to understand what cannabis can and cannot do before trying it out.

Cannabis is not a cure-all—there are no magical strains or products that will get rid of every symptom you experience after drinking too much alcohol. However, if you're experiencing nausea, anxiety or headaches after too many drinks the night before, cannabis has been shown to help with those symptoms. Cannabis does not help with every symptom from an alcohol hangover—some research suggests that cannabis actually increases heart rate and blood pressure briefly when consumed within an hour of drinking which can make some people feel worse (in this case try taking a smaller dose or waiting longer until after your body has metabolized the alcohol).

There are also different types of cannabis products available for use during recovery from an alcohol hangover: edibles like gummies or infused drinks like sodas; vapes; concentrates such as hash oil; and even topicals like lotions containing CBD compounds derived from hemp plants (which are not psychoactive). Because these products contain varying concentrations of THC and CBD compounds they all react differently depending on how sensitive someone might be so experiment carefully!

What are the best strains of cannabis for hangovers?

When it comes to choosing a strain of cannabis for treating hangovers, you’ll have to consider which effects you want. Some strains might help with your symptoms, but they can also make them worse if you don’t choose wisely.

Cannabis Sativa Strains: These are known for providing an energetic and stimulating high that will stimulate your mind and leave you feeling euphoric. However, sativas often come with the side effect of paranoia or anxiety in some users. If this sounds like something that would help get rid of those nasty feelings from last night’s party, then sativa strains might be what you need!

Cannabis Indica Strains: Cannabis indica strains are known as “couch lock” because they provide a relaxing body high while leaving your mind clear enough to think clearly about anything on your agenda today (like how awesome it is not being hungover). This makes them great choices if all that matters right now is getting some sleep after an epic night out.


So, can cannabis help with hangovers? Generally, the answer is yes! There are several strains of cannabis that can help ease your symptoms and even prevent hangovers in some cases, and you can find them all by using CannMenus Universal Product Search.

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