Gelato Strain Description

Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It is an evenly balanced hybrid that leans slightly toward the Indica side of its genetics. This strain is also sometimes referred to as Larry Bird. Gelato has a THC content that ranges between 16-26%THC.

Gelato is a legendary strain that has many famous cultivars including Gelato #3 and Gelato #33, Gelato #41 are just a few of the notable Gelato cultivars among many others. Gelato was created by the world famous Cookies Fam out of California.

Gelato Aroma and Taste

Gelato is known for its sweet and fruity aroma. This aroma is made more complex by scents of earth and citrus. The aroma can be described as almost dessert like in it's sweetness. This is due in part to a blend of terpenes like caryophyllene and valencene. The flavor is similar with flavors of berries and diesel being the most prominent.

Gelato Strain Effects

Gelato starts off strong with an instant uplift in mood and energy. This mood blows past happiness on its way to euphoria as you are overcome by a hazy cerebral buzz. This head high makes it's way into the body with a moderately sedative body buzz. While there is a nice physical feeling, you still feel focused and driven to complete tasks. Many report feeling more creative as a flood of creative and novel ideas come flowing forth from this heady buzz.

Gelato has a heavy relaxing high that keeps you aware enough to stay awake. The balanced nature of the high for this strain make so popular. It a versatile choice, perfect for going out on an adventure, staying at home watching a movie or socializing with friends. Gelato can be great for managing pain, stress and anxiety. This strain is good for stimulating appetite as it is known to cause some serious munchies.