Headband Strain Description

Headband is an indica dominant hybrid that was born from a cross of the legendary strains OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Headband is a high THC strain, it often has THC testing between 20-27% THC. Headband is famous for the feeling it often gives people of slight pressure on their temples, like they are wearing a headband.  It is a peculiar, but oddly relaxing sensation that has made it popular all over the world. Various cultivars of Headband have won awards in many cannabis cups over the years. The popularity of Headband has also allowed it to become the parent of many other popular strains.

Aroma and Taste for the Strain Headband

Headband has an aroma that is pungently strong, with sour diesel and earthy notes. You can pick up notes of sweet citrus and notes of pine. This is due to a complex blend of terpenes like myrcene caryophyllene and limonene. The flavor for this strain is delicious with strong flavors of diesel and sweet citrus coming through.

Headband Strain Effects

At first you can feel a calming wave of relaxation wash over your mind and body. There is a bright uplift in mood as the stress of the day begins to fade away. This is accompanied by a cerebral haziness. As the physical effects build, you can feel the headband effect grow stronger, At first you may just feel a slight pressure or tingling behind the eyes, before this grows into the feeling of pressure around the temples and forehead. The soothing head pressure melts down into the body over time, as it develops into a soothing body buzz that is lightly sedating. This body buzz takes away any stress or physical pain you may be feeling. The feeling of haziness continues to grow into a spacy unfocused feeling of happiness. This strain has a reputation for causing some couch lock as it is very relaxing.

This makes Headband an ideal strain for pain relief, stress or just relaxing at home watching a movie. Many report that headband can be helpful for insomnia as it helps make them feel sleepy. The relaxing nature of the strain headband mean it is best enjoyed in the afternoons and evenings. This strain will can be helpful in stimulating appetite as it is known to cause some serious munchies.