About Jillybean Strain

Jillybean is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Space Queen with Orange Velvet. This strain is also sometimes called Jilly Bean. This strain is highly sought after for its delicious flavor and evenly balanced uplifting high. Jillybean has won many awards since it's creation such as the High Times Best Sativa 2014. The combination of delicious taste, mellow high and moderate THC content make this an ideal strain for beginners. Jillybean has been used to create other strains like White Gummy.

Jillybean Strain Effects

At the first toke you can feel a near-instant uplift in mood. With your outlook brighter, you are also met with an increase in energy. The feeling of happiness grows into a euphoria. Jillybean gives you a feeling of motivation and focus that makes finishing tasks a breeze. You feel more relaxed and stress free, but completely clear headed. Your mind feels inspired by wave after wave of creative ideas, which make this a favorite strain among artists and musicians. Most people report feeling more chatty and social. In addition to this many people report feeling fits of laughter and giggles when enjoyed socially. That makes this a great strain for a party, or if you have to carry several conversations. As time passes you will notice a soothing body buzz that helps to alleviate any aches and pains you may be feeling. Many report the body buzz for this strain to be arousing as well.

Jillybean is an ideal day time strain for its energizing effects. This strain is great for chronic pain like inflammation. It is a great choice for helping with stress and anxiety.

Aroma and Taste for Jillybean

Jillybean has an intoxicating aroma that has sweet accentuated aromas of citrus mixed with woody earthiness. When you break up the buds the sweetness explodes in a candy-like array of orange, pineapple and pine. This is due to a blend of terpenes like valencene, myrcene and caryophyllene. The flavor is equally delicious, tasting like sugary fruit. Its easy to see why they picked the name Jillybean as the taste and smell reminds you of candy, like sweet Jelly Beans.