Snowcap Strain Description

Snowcap is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Haze with Snow White. It is also sometimes referred to as 'sno cap' or 'snocap'. Snowcap was created by Grand Daddy Purp Genetics. Snowcap has a THC content that ranges between 19-24% THC.

Aroma and Taste

Snowcap has an aroma that has a strong presence of pine and berries with notes of citrus. Snowcap has a delicious sweet flavor that is similar to its smell with notes of diesel. It's flavor is similar to Jack Herer, one of Snowcap's ancestors. Snowcap has a complex blend of terpenes like pinene and limonene.

Snowcap Effects

At first hit you feel a rush of energy and euphoria. The feeling of energy gives you the feeling that you can take on anything the day throws at you. You feel motivated to participate in creative tasks and finish things around the house. Snowcap brings about a strong feeling of creativity and focus. This makes Snowcap a favorite among artists and musicians. Snowcap can bring about strong fits of laughter and the giggles. The feeling of relaxation and happiness grows overtime as Snowcap takes hold. This wave of positive energy becomes a happy cerebral haze. This head buzz starts to melt into the body as a nice body buzz takes hold. This body buzz wont put you to sleep, but will help manage chronic pain or stress.

Snowcap is a very versatile strain and it is great any time of day, or in social situations hanging out with friends. It is a great daytime strain because it will not leave you feeling tired or sleepy. Snowcap can also be great for stress or anxiety.

How to find this strain

Want to find the strain Snowcap? Check here to find snowcap at your closest dispensary.