Triangle Kush

About Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush is a legendary Indica dominant hybrid that is closely related to OG Kush. Originating in Florida, in the early 1990s. These genetics mean this strain is closely related to strains like Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. Triangle Kush went on to become the parent to numerous other powerful strains like Bermuda Triangle and Wedding Cake. This strain has a THC content that ranges between 20-26% THC. This strain is also known as Triangle OG and OG Triangle.

Triangle Kush Effects

Triangle Kush packs quite a punch in terms of full body and head high. At first hit there is a cerebral rush that has your head swimming in creative ideas almost immediately. There is a light feeling of focus that may make you feel more chatty and social. This is accompanied by an uplift in mood that has you feeling happier by the minute until it grows into a calm euphoria. That makes this a great choice for enjoying with friends. You may feel inspired to put on some of your favorite music and enjoy. The feeling of cerebral stimulation begins to melt into the body in a strong body buzz that instantly alleviates any pain you may be experiencing. There is a strong wave of relaxation that continues to grow as time passes, and this feelin lasts a long time

Triangle Kush is a great strain for anxiety and stress. It is also an excellent pick for managing chronic pain like inflammation, joint or body pain.

Aroma and Taste for Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush has an aroma full of lemony citrus, pine and dank earth. When you break apart the buds you can pick up strong diesel and spicy pepper aromas. This is due to a blend of terpenes like limonene and myrcene. The flavor is delicious and complex. The flavors of lemon and pine remaining on the tongue after smoking. The flavor is much more sweet and complex when vaped.